Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

A 2019 HomeLight survey has revealed that painting the house exterior before selling yields a 51% investment return. Freshening up the interior and exterior of the house is vital for homeowners trying to increase market value. 

Nonetheless, many find it stressful just picking out room paint, so you can imagine what happens when the house exterior needs sprucing up. 

Thankfully, expert teams like Exterior painting Brandon FL  offer tips on making the exterior color selection process a stress-free ordeal. 

Let the House Speak to You

Take a good look at your home. Notice the roof color, and see if any bricks or stones incorporate the house design. 

You probably realize by now that these factors will dictate the color scheme. 

Before selecting the colors, closely observe any non-painted surfaces from natural materials. You may not mind them when you pass by every day, but once you choose the wrong paint, you will most definitely notice them every time. 

The House Style and Era

We recommend adjusting the exterior color as close to the style and era of the house. Unless your neighborhood and home code specify otherwise, you can play around with the tones of the original exterior color of the house. But be careful not to overdo it and regret your decision later on. 

Walk around the neighborhood to find inspiration. There must be similar houses to yours; see how those owners resolved the color issue. Maybe you will see the color you wanted but realize it would look awkward on a house like yours. 

Stay Away From Trends

Trends are exactly that – trends. They change every year, and you may keep up with them when it comes to clothes, but when it comes to houses, it’s a no-no. Yes, you might like that charcoal trend, but what happens next year when a new color takes the scene? 

Painting the house’s exterior is a huge investment and requires a lot of organization. To avoid turning house painting into an expensive hobby, choose a color that will look stylish for many years. 

Achieving Desired Visual Effects

Achieving Desired Visual Effects

Think about how your house fits in the neighborhood, just like a person fits in a crowd. Some homes are built right by the road, while others are more private and hidden from prying eyes by towering trees. What is the visual effect you wish to accomplish? 

If you want to make it stand out among other buildings, choose brighter and lighter colors. However, if you wish to make it blend in with the rest, tone it down and choose a similar paint as the rest in the neighborhood. 

Always Test the Paint

Always get samples and paint large swaths on the house! Observe the color throughout the day, in the sun, in the shade, and when it rains. 

Notice how it changes when the night falls, and lights are on. Colors look entirely different in practice, and a seemingly suitable sample may not fulfill your house-exterior expectations.

The Best Residential Exterior Painting Services

If you can’t decide which is the best color for your house, hire a designer to help you make a choice. Tam Bay Construction will help you wrap up the whole painting project fast. 

With over 20 years of home repair and remodeling experience, you can count on us to make this journey stress-free and even somewhat fun!

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