Tips to Get You Ready for Whole-House Remodel

Tips to Get You Ready for Whole-House Remodel

Given the shortage in labor and materials, many homeowners are now advised to plan their whole-house remodeling project in advance. This is the only way they can be sure that everything is completed in time. 

If you are struggling to get started, know there are many home remodeling professionals in Brandon, Florida, who can lend a helping hand. But, to plan out every aspect of your project and prep adequately, here is what to know about the processes. 

Remodel or Move

You may be attached to the house through memories, so before you begin a project of this scale, you need to make huge decisions. Go through each room and identify what needs to be done and how much it will cost to complete. Think walls, ceiling, floors, electricals, furnishing, and everything that goes into that room. 

Consider what the house has to offer to all family members and if you need to make any large-scale alterations. Once you have everything on paper, you’ll have a rough idea of what needs to stay and what has to go. Also, consider whether it is worth renovating the whole house or if it’s simpler to sell it and find a new one that has everything you need at a lower price.

Remodel by Yourself or Hire a Professional

Remodel by Yourself or Hire a Professional

Remodeling an entire house is costly, so homeowners are always looking for ways to save money. For some stages of the remodeling process, you will most definitely need to hire a contractor. 

First, make a list of the things that you or a family member can do. Are you handy with the hammer, or is painting the house your passion? Small-scale demolition, easier installations, mending wallpapers, or painting the house are tasks you can easily handle. 

However, it’s best to leave the plumbing and electrical installations to the professionals, alongside heftier tasks like door and window installation. It’s the only way to ensure top-quality and lasting modifications. 

Create a Budget and Timeline

The budget for a whole-house renovation has to account for every cost – even the most meaningless ones. Hiring contractors, cabinets cost, furnishing, flooring, piping, and other expenses must be considered. 

To avoid remodeling your house for months or years, create a feasible timeline in which you can complete the tasks and match the budget you planned. Timelines help move projects forward, so stick to them. Contractors have experience with similar projects and can let you know if your timeline is unrealistic. 

There are also unexpected setbacks that you may encounter. Luckily, original timelines can be adjusted when there’s  a need to do so – just don’t do it too often. 

Zoning and Building Permits

If you plan to build an addition, make structural changes, install new windows, or make electrical and plumbing alterations, you need to plan ahead. Materials aside, getting the appropriate permits is a time-consuming process. However, hired contractors can do all the work for you and take some of the burden off your shoulders. 

To get the needed information for planning purposes, simply contact local authorities and find out what you’ll need for the remodeling and how to go about it. 

Stay or Move Out During Renovations

No rule says you need to move out while renovating the whole house. Renovations usually take from several months to a whole year to complete. Can you afford to rent a place while your house is renovated? On the other hand, if you stay in the house, can you handle the dust, noise, and people walking around the house at all hours?

Both scenarios have pros and cons, but it’s up to you to decide the best option for you. 

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