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Clever Cost-Cutting Methods During Home Remodeling

The average cost of a complete or major home remodel per square foot, is roughly between $100,000-$200,000. Minor renovations can run as low as $15,000, but it’s still a considerable sum for any homeowner. Therefore, you have to consider where every penny goes in your project.

After performing thousands of home remodeling jobs throughout our years of business, Tambay Construction believes that there’s a way to cut costs without cutting corners. Being smart with home remodeling can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Focus on efficiency and not “going big”

When most people think of home remodeling or home renovations, they might think about breaking down walls, constructing expansions, and more. But it’s possible to reorganize and furnish a room differently to make it more efficient or get more space. And it won’t require breaking down walls.

The focus can change to adding more space-saving shelving and containers. Add in cabinet-height pullout drawers. Wide drawers like these that are similar to the kind you might see in a bedroom can hold numerous items, including pots and pans. You can also add dividers, pull-out trays, and more.

Refurbish rather than replace

You may want a significant change in your kitchen, but it doesn’t mean replacing everything. Adding a new backsplash style and repainted wooden cabinets can transform a kitchen. If you feel like you want to replace the cabinets, you can change the doors themselves and even the orientation of the pullout drawers.

The average cost to refurbish your cabinets instead of replacing them is about $2,000, which is at least 50% less than the installation costs of a new wardrobe.

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Do not touch the plumbing

If you’re remodeling your bathrooms, there’s no need to reroute water lines and change the whole vanity and toilet setup. You can change their exterior appearance without entirely moving the bathroom around and changing everything.

Remember that to move the locations of the pipes and water lines, the floor and walls may have to get ripped up as well. This increases the overall cost. Instead, maintain the positions and change the rest of the bathroom furnishings.

Try secondhand

Fixtures and furnishings that have been gently used are both an eco-friendly choice and cost-efficient. Many of them still look new enough to require only a few more touchups or polishing before getting added to your home.

It’s not just furnishings and fixtures that you can buy secondhand. You can opt to use pre-used lighting equipment, reused building materials, and more. It can cut down on the costs compared to the retail price, and they’re easy to find.

Look for alternative materials

Most of the actual building materials can have high price points. This includes stone walls, marble countertops, and more. But through, alternative materials, such as veneer siding for your home’s exterior, and a marble laminate for the countertop, can give you the aesthetic appearance you’re looking for.

Choose your contractor wisely

One of the best ways to reduce costs is to have complete oversight of your renovation and carefully assess the contractor you plan to hire. Look into their reviews and check what other clients say about their professionalism, speed, and quality. This way, you’re sure that your money goes to an expert contractor who won’t waste time and money.

Contact Tambay Construction today, and our highly-trained, professional contractors can give you a quote.

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