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There’s no job too big for Tam Bay Construction, Inc. We get any job done properly and on time. Contact us for home remodeling services in Brandon, FL.

Get Started with Home Remodeling

You don’t need to move to a new house to feel a change in your living environment. Sometimes, all you need is the help of a professional home renovation team to make your Brandon, FL house feel brand new.

No job is too big or too small for our team. Tell us your design ideas. Share your preferred interior design. Discuss any additional room you want to add. Let us know what you’re planning for the rooms we’re renovating. Whatever is on your mind, you can count on us to make it happen.

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How It Works

If you’re comfortable in your current home but feel like there are things that can be improved, get in touch with Tam Bay Construction, Inc. for home remodeling. We help Brandon, FL residents build their dream homes.

Our home renovation team can also help you make the necessary adjustments for the following reasons:

  • Increasing your comfort and enjoyment at home
  • Boosting the energy efficiency of your property
  • Upgrading the overall functionality of your space
  • Addressing privacy, safety, and security issues
  • Updating your interior design to match trends
  • Elevating your property value
  • Preparing the house for sale

Whatever your reason is for renovating your home, we get the job done right and on time. Here’s a rundown of how our home remodeling team works:

Making a Design Plan

Our team will listen to your design ideas, assess what else you need for the home renovation project, and discuss the project timeframe with you.

Finalizing the Budget

We provide free quotes, but we can only present the total cost after completing the design plan and picking out your preferred materials.

Securing Permits and Ordering Materials

As a well-established general contractor, we can help you get the necessary permits for your project. Then, we’ll order the materials needed for the renovation.

Starting the Demolition

Once the permits and materials are all set, we’ll start with the demolition, if the renovation requires it. If we’re adding new rooms, we’ll begin with framing.

Working Behind Walls, Below Flooring, and Above Ceilings

Before working on the actual rooms and living spaces, we’ll address what needs to be fixed behind existing walls, below your flooring, and above your ceiling. This includes plumbing, electrical, HVAC, subfloors, and insulation.

Painting Walls and Installing New Flooring

As a general contractor that helps you build your dream house, we paint the walls and install the right flooring to reflect your vision. We operate under high quality standards.

Installing Fixtures and Cabinets

We’ll start setting up the fixtures and cabinets as soon as the walls, flooring, and ceiling are good to go. At this stage, the space will start to resemble the finished state.

Adding Finishing Touches

Finally, we’ll add the last details and do minor touch-ups to make sure everything is according to your taste and preference.

As a general contractor in Tampa, FL, we provide professional home renovation services. We’ll always get the job done, so get in touch with us today to schedule an assessment.

Why Choose Our Home
Renovation Services

Tam Bay Construction, Inc. offers professional home renovation services in Brandon, FL. With over 20 years of experience and over a hundred complete projects under our belt, we can confidently transform your dream home into a reality. No job is ever too big for our team. We’ll always get it done.

Our Services

Home renovation and remodeling isn’t the only service we provide for Brandon, FL homeowners. As a general contractor, we also provide the following services for you:

Remodel Your Dream Home

Build your dream home with Tam Bay Construction, Inc. We offer professional and reliable home renovation services in Brandon, FL. You can count on us to make your vision come true. Fill out the online form here.

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