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Signs that You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens aren’t generally thought to have a lifespan—they’re a room in the house for preparing or eating food. But the average life of a kitchen is actually around 20 years. However, even if your kitchen area doesn’t have a set lifespan, the appliances and equipment do. Larger equipment lasts for approximately 15 years, while smaller, more constantly used tools wear out and quickly lose sharpness or precision.

As specialists in kitchen remodeling, Tam Bay Construction has worked with numerous clients’ kitchens. Many of them seemed surprised that their kitchen had been in worse condition than they initially considered once the remodeling began. They end up discovering more things to upgrade and change.

Instead of waiting for the kitchen to become a cumbersome place where it’ll become difficult to prepare food, consider that it is an investment with a lifespan just like any other purchase. And to continue enjoying it, it needs upgrades when things begin to break down. Consider these indicators.

Inefficient, troublesome storage

It’s crucial to have extensive storage space. As a kitchen is used over the years, it gathers accouterments such as pots and pans, utensils, food storage containers, etc. Eventually, the storage is not enough to hold it all. If your family has grown, flatware and utensils also increase.

When your storage continuously seems inefficient, or the cabinets and drawers no longer seem to close, it’s time for an upgrade. Consider redoing the kitchen layout and implementing additional space.

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Evident wear and tear

There is a charm in old-fashioned, rustic kitchens, but a kitchen with cracked tiles, missing handles on the pantry, and leaks are not a rustic space. It’s a well-used space that has worn out and needs upgrading and repairs.

If cabinet doors, kitchen tiles, and other features have cracked or have fallen apart, it’s time to remodel the kitchen and fix them. The best time to repair and upgrade them would be when they first broke. Don’t’ wait for the rest of the kitchen to wear out.

Appliances are no longer performing well

Another indicator you need to remodel is when appliances such as stoves, ovens, food processors, dishwashers, and more start to perform poorly. The handles and knobs might break off, or the appliances might not operate correctly anymore.

It’s imperative to repair and upgrade an appliance if it’s embedded in the kitchen or if it’s used daily. But as more machines start breaking down, you need to consider upgrading the whole kitchen. Having upgraded appliances makes the kitchen more efficient and convenient to use.

Ensure that Your Kitchen Continues to be a Comfortable Space

A kitchen is obsolete when it no longer functions according to your needs. For example, if the family has grown from a single person to a whole family with children, the kitchen will no longer serve the purpose it previously did. It needs to grow, expand, and become more valuable.

Tam Bay Construction has aided many clients to upgrade their kitchens to stunning professional spaces where it becomes more enjoyable to prep and cook food. Contact us today for a quote.

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