Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022

Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022

Color trends come and go, which is why choosing the right color for your kitchen can be challenging. Are you one of those who like to be bold and experiment with colors? Or maybe you are among the 41% who play it safe and stick with a white kitchen

We spend plenty of time in the kitchen with our family, and the right choice of color can add to the experience. Color choice carries weight because you won’t be remodeling your kitchen every year to follow the trends. If you are having doubts, you can always consult kitchen cabinet experts in Brandon, FL, to find out the latest trends and get useful tips. 

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022

Every year there are one or two colors that set the trends. You can go wild with colors when it comes to the wall because you can always change it next year. But kitchen cabinets are something different. Some colors simply never go out of style, but variations are trendy and cool to play with. 

Choosing the right color tone can give your kitchen a trendy look.

Here’s what color palette to aim for! 

Classic White Tones

White kitchens never go out of style

White kitchens never go out of style. They are timeless and classic and are easily combined with any other shade. White or dirty white are excellent choices for a small kitchen whose cabinets need their spotlight. 

There is an ongoing trend of creating two-toned cabinets to add depth to the design. Use the traditional white combined with another more vibrant color – navy blue, cream, gold, etc – to add some freshness and playfulness to the design.

Natural Wood or Rich Earth Tones

Natural timber colors and materials may have been forgotten for a while, but they have always remained in style. And their popularity is spiraling extra in 2022, because of the warm and inviting feel of natural wood shades. 

The good thing is that wood comes in a wide selection of colors, textures, and tones. You can also use them for two-shade combos or go with a single yet textured timber color. Combine a rich earthy tone with a calmer color – like baby blush or eggshell – to get a smashing combination for your cabinets.

Earthy Green Tones

Earthy green tones are expected to be a smashing interior design color hit in 2022. A very adaptable color, it can be incorporated into any kitchen, and with darker and lighter tones. It is easily matched with pure white countertops or it can be mixed with other natural elements like metal, wood, and glass. 

Create a luxurious look in your kitchen by mixing olive green with aged copper details. Or feel free to make any other combination that will provide that high-end look. 

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Kitchen

Choosing a kitchen cabinet color is expensive, especially if you go for the ever-popular options. It not only needs to be trendy for years to come but also fit in with the design and color pallet of other rooms you have. To make the best color decision for your kitchen cabinets, consider the following: 

  • Choose a finish you prefer
  • Pick several colors you like
  • Decide on the backsplash and countertops
  • Get samples of the colors and test them in the space to narrow the choice
  • Pair the colors with the backsplash and countertop to see if they match
  • Choose the wall color
  • Check if the chosen color matches the color palette in the surrounding rooms (for  open concept)
  • Take photos of combinations in natural light
  • Choose the right cabinet knobs to go with the overall design

Discover The Latest Color Trends in Kitchen Cabinets 

If you are struggling to find the right color or design, Tam Bay Construction is here to help.  Our professionals offer various kitchen cabinet services in Brandon, FL, including coloring, styling, and designs. We offer years of experience in renovating homes and can give your kitchen a whole new look! Contact our experts today to learn more about our services and trendy products!

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