What is the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

What is the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

Remodeling an area of our house adds value to the home and gives us that fresh and modern look we are hoping for. With so many styles to choose from, it seems that a quarter of the US is aiming for the transitional kitchen style. But how much does it cost to give your kitchen an upgraded look?

It all comes down to the style that you want to achieve. Is it a luxury or budget kitchen? Do you want something unique with special fixtures or quirks? Whatever your wishes, getting in touch with a kitchen remodeling company for a quote should be the best way to go.

Below are some budget benchmarks to help you plan your kitchen renovation. 

Budgeting a Kitchen Renovation

Before tearing down your old kitchen, choose the design and materials you are thinking of installing in your new kitchen. Prepare a budget by researching prices to get the best possible cost picture. Include every detail you can think of, plus a contingency for some possibly unforeseen expenses.

Depending on what you plan to do with the kitchen, the budget for remodeling a medium-sized kitchen is expected to be between $15,000 and $50,000. The industry advises that kitchen remodeling costs around 10% of the home value, so it’s a starting point that you can work around. 

Factors Influencing the Budget

To get an almost precise budgetary figure, contractors will determine the price based on several factors. 

  • Quality of materials
  • Kitchen footprint
  • Keeping or changing the floor plan
  • Relocation of existing plumbing and electricals
  • Installation of high-tech gadgets
  • Type of countertops and finishes
  • Differences in regional prices

Budget Breakdown

Budget Breakdown

Replacing kitchen appliances and cabinets will cost less than taking down the whole kitchen and starting from scratch. Use the following estimates to break down the budget and plan around it.

  • Almost a third of the budget, or around 28%, goes to kitchen cabinets
  • Around 18% goes for installation and labor
  • Reserve 15% for appliances, depending on what you need
  • About 11% go for countertops and backsplashes
  • Calculate around 11% for flooring and lighting
  • Another 10% go for flooring and plumbing
  • Painting and drywall will cost about 5%
  • And anything left is miscellaneous

Playing With the Budget

After preparing the budget, don’t be surprised that almost a third of the budget will go to kitchen cabinets. This is because they are the backbone of the kitchen, doing all the heavy work, and the whole kitchen is planned around the cabinets.

You can move things around if you don’t want to spend that much money on cabinets. Freshen up your old cabinets to save some money and use that part of the budget for other things you want to have in your kitchen. If you are handy with tools, save on labor and do some work yourself. There are always options you can consider. 

Saving in one place will free up money that you can use for other things that you want to see in the kitchen.

Is Remodeling a Kitchen Worth It?

Most definitely, yes! Remodeling and upgrading your kitchen can boost the value of your home and make potential buyers fall in love with the house. The kitchen is the center of the home for any family, where we spend a lot of time together.

If you are remodeling the kitchen to bring up the value of your house and sell it, then find ways to save. But don’t be thrifty and try to give the new owners a cozy and warm place for their families. If you plan to stay, go all out and give yourself the kitchen of your dreams. 

Tam Bay Construction: Making Dreams a Reality

Tam Bay Construction can help you make your dream kitchen a reality. Whether it’s giving your kitchen a revamp or tearing it down and creating a whole new look, our team of professionals will get it done. 

Timely completion of projects, matching your personal style, renovation, repair, and restoration of the whole house is what we do. Call us today, and let us build you the kitchen of your dreams! 

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