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What to Do Before You Start Your Kitchen Renovation

Although we can spend a lot of time in nearly every corner of our homes, the kitchen is especially subject to heavy use. According to a Houzz report, the kitchen space got a 25% increase in remodeling in 2021.

But kitchen redecorations can be complicated, large, and extensive projects. Thus, you need to be prepared to face the challenge. If you’re from Florida and need a team for your kitchen remodeling project, this article has everything you need to find the right contractor.

Set a Realistic Budget

Setting realistic goals and expectations is crucial when laying out any project. This goes for both the results you can achieve and their eventual cost.

It’s easy to underestimate the time and money that’ll go into renovating. If you fail to plan properly, you’ll either have to take out an additional loan or end up with a job that’s only halfway finished.

You should know your maximum budget and set your planned spending to a sum below that number. For a point of reference, predict that about 20% of your budget can go to unplanned expenses.

Finally, know where to cut costs and where to invest in quality. You want to make purchases out of necessity and not impulsively buy things you do not need.

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Consider Layout and Style

Before starting with a remodel, you need to have a style, materials, and layout plan. You can start by looking at inspiration pictures to gain a visual representation of your desired look. From there, you can work out the details.

The kitchen should be stylish, practical, and functional – all in one. To better understand what layout will work best, look at your current kitchen design. How could it improve to suit your needs better?

The Kitchen Work Triangle

The “kitchen triangle” is a concept generally used to determine the functionality of a space. The idea is that the three most used features – refrigerator, sink, and stove – should be arranged in a triangle so you can move between them unimpeded.

Appliances and Storage

When you consider appliances, you need to consider quality and how they’ll incorporate into your design. For example, you need to be able to open oven and refrigerator doors comfortably so they won’t block walkways.

You also need to consider where smaller appliances will go and how you will store everything. Ensure you have enough space and don’t end up with overcluttered countertops.

Find the Right Contractor

Hiring a general contractor is perhaps the most important step in your remodel. You should find a contractor who’s skilled and qualified. Make sure you trust them to improve your home – check their certifications, insurance, past projects, and reviews.

Start Planning Your Kitchen Remodel in Brandon, FL

The Tam Bay Construction team can finish a job of any scope within your set budget. We help you every step of the way with any renovation project you have. Whether it’s repairing water damage, drywall, or you want a house makeover; our team will follow through and deliver your dream home.

Looking to start a kitchen remodel in Brandon, FL? Get in touch with us on the Tam Bay Construction website and schedule an assessment today!

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