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Causes of Wall Cracks and Drywall Repair in Brandon, FL

People feel safe in their homes and like keeping it that way. An unexplained crack can cause your head to spin, thinking of all the possible reasons it’s there. Sometimes, this is only a superficial scratch, while other times, it’s a serious structural issue.

But how do you know whether you should worry?

Let’s go through the different causes of drywall cracks and learn how our drywall repair team in Brandon, FL  can help you find the right solutions.


Some wall cracks may have been prevented with better care or installation, but there’s often nothing you can do — walls will simply show damage over time. Still, there are many possible causes of wall cracks:

Normal Settling Cracks & New Homes

Over the years, a house’s foundation and the soil underneath will shift and move due to weather changes. This settling can cause some drywall cracking in the weakest areas. Therefore, hairline cracks near doors and windows are typically a sign of normal house settlement.

Over the first few years of living in a new home, the fresh lumber used in construction will gradually lose its moisture. As the wood dries out, it slightly moves and can cause small, surface-level cracks to form, usually at the joints.

Vacant Builds

Sometimes houses can sit empty for longer periods of time. Whether they’re vacation homes, rentals, or have been on the market for a long time, these builds are likely to show some drywall cracking. This occurs because of the lack of climate control.

When temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate, the drywall will expand and contract — and some superficial cracks can appear.


Damage from water leaks is easy to identify as you’ll notice discoloration. The affected area might also feel soft, depending on how long the issue’s been going on. Before you can address the negative effects of water on your walls, you need to find the source of the leak and fix it. After that, you can replace the damaged section of the drywall.

Faulty Taping

Although some cracks are normal and can’t really be prevented, sometimes wall cracking is a result of poor workmanship. Issues can arise because of the use of too little or too much mud, missing drywall tape, etc. So, choosing a reliable provider is an important part of any home construction or repair project.

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Foundation Damage

Wall cracks can also indicate serious underlying issues. Sometimes they’re a result of the foundation greatly shifting or sinking. Other times, they’re caused by the deterioration or collapse of supporting wood. Either way, these damages hurt your home’s structural integrity and need to be dealt with immediately.

You should look further into cracks when they are wider than an inch. If termites are the source of the problem, you will need to contact pest control before you can get started on any repairs.


As you may have noticed, most drywall cracks are cosmetic issues that require minor repairs to be as good as new. Other times, however, cracks can indicate a greater problem with your home and its support structure. These instances require immediate attention and more intense repairs to keep your home safe.

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