What You Need to Know About Replacing Front Doors

What You Need to Know About Replacing Front Doors

Front doors are a reflection of your home—they give your house a sophisticated look and showcase your personality. Being exposed to Florida’s climate and weather conditions, the front door also protects you. 

With Florida being a hurricane-impacted area, changing a door requires following the strict directions of the Florida building code. Check out the tips offered by Front door replacement Brandon FL and get the right door for your house.

When to Change the Front Door?

When you installed the last front door, you thought you wouldn’t have to bother with it again. But years later, the door is beyond repair due to wear-and-tear, harsh weather conditions, or new regulations and requirements. 

The reasons behind replacing the door are many, but here are some common ones:

Wear and Tear of Doors

Front doors are constantly used—slammed, pushed, and pulled—and with time, they get worn down and damaged. A simple touch-up will do the trick if the door is still functioning well. 

Energy-Efficient Doors

Energy-Efficient Doors

Daily use and weather can be harsh on doors and weaken them. This means the door becomes less energy-efficient, and the utility bills skyrocket. 

Doors have to act as a seal and stop the cold coming into the house and the heat from escaping. If you notice drafts or changes in your bills, it’s time to replace your door.


Doors also serve to provide security from outside intruders. Don’t let your cracked, rusted, or dented door become an invitation to vandals or burglars. Protect the property by replacing the door with a new and secure one. 

Choosing a New Door

In the State of Florida, you need to choose a new front door in compliance with the regulations of the Florida building code. After Hurricane Andrew, the State has taken precautionary measures to protect its citizens. 

One change is that the door must open outward for safety reasons. Strict door measurements regulate the minimum and maximum clear door opening and door opening width, the door swing, and opening force. 

The code lists all types of doors and all the requirements for all kinds of doors, so be sure to consult it before starting any projects.

Things to Consider When Changing the Front Door

Taking the correct measurements is imperative. A door replacement will be as easy as stacking Lego bricks if handled correctly. 

Always ask professionals to come and take measurements to ensure the door system will fit.

Next is choosing a suitable material. Not every material can endure the weather conditions in Florida. Hurricanes damage doors by creating dents and cracks, and moisture can build up to promote mold and other organic material. 

Safety is another thing to consider when choosing the material. Aluminum and vinyl are highly-resistant materials perfect for hurricane-prone locations.

Why Choose Professional Front Door Replacement in Brandon, FL?

Front doors are not just a way to protect yourself from extreme weather and intruders—they also give your house character. The Tam Bay Construction team provides timely and professional door repair and replacement.

After discussing the problem and choosing the right door size, materials, and elements, front door replacement Brandon FL double-checks the work to make sure you have high-quality front doors for your home.

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