Can You Live at Home During a Major Renovation

Can You Live at Home During a Major Renovation?

People in the US spent $457B on home improvements in 2020, and such renovations significantly bump up the property’s market value.

Renovations can include solar panel installations, interior and exterior paint jobs, and taking down walls. Given the magnitude of these improvements and how long they take, homeowners may feel stressed and even look for a place to stay while they’re in progress.

We’ll now discuss the details if you’re unsure whether you stay home during a major renovation. 

Be Prepared for the Amount of Dust

Carrying out a home renovation in Brandon, FL means there’ll be a lot of dust. If you decide to stay in the house through the renovation, use plastic sheeting to seal off the part of the house where you’ll be staying. 

It won’t be a dust-free environment, but at least you’ll have a place to breathe. Or you can simply move out and not let the dust bother you too much.

Comfortable Life on Hold

During the renovation, you can forget about comfort. Sleeping and relaxing is a luxury you won’t have until the remodeling is complete. Until then, you’ll have to tend to the workers on the premises.

Patience is a Virtue

Dealing with renovation issues, running family errands, and maintaining an everyday life can cause some tension. Don’t feel tempted to lash out when things don’t go smoothly.

Create a room in the house where you can recharge your batteries. Use the space to have a moment with your partner or rest before dealing with the mess outside.

Use the space to have a moment with your partner or rest before dealing with the mess outside

Financial Strategizing

Moving out means more expenses for renting a living space, gas for commuting, and an extra set of bills. You’ll have to plan your time during the day to be with your family or work and simultaneously check how things are progressing on the construction site. 

In most cases of extensive renovations, unexpected expenses are bound to pop up. Yes, you planned a contingency budget, but you never know what you’ll find hidden in the walls, especially in outdated houses. 

Not to mention that the planned 20 week-renovation can quickly turn into a 10-month renovation. Be sure you’ve taken these matters into account. 

Your Presence May Be Necessary

You are the house owner, so you’ll be expected to make instant decisions on issues arising as the renovation proceeds. If you live on-site, that’s not a problem as you’ll always be available. 

If you decide to move out, be prepared to be summoned anytime. It may seem annoying, but you’ll embrace the workers as your family in time.

If you’re handy with tools, why not lend a helping hand? This will help speed things up and, at the same time, save money that you can invest into other parts of the project. 

The Quickest Home Renovation Services

There is no right or wrong decision between moving out or staying on-site during renovation. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll be fine either way.

Whatever your decision, Tam Bay Construction will ensure the job is done flawlessly and that you’re back in your house in no time. We do complete home renovations and smaller remodelings and can even spruce up your garden with a brand new patio.

Call us at (813) 778-7311 or message us to get your quote today!

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