Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Around 12% of people in the US stated that they finally felt tempted to do some bathroom remodeling in 2021. If you feel the same way, maybe it’s time to give your tiny bathroom a makeover and make good use of those 15 square feet. 

Remodeling projects are always exciting regardless of how big the bathroom is. New flooring, custom countertops, and fresh colors are just some of the things to get you excited. 

And if you lack ideas or DIY skills, we do bathroom remodels in Brandon, Florida.

Brighten up the Place

Stick to a light color palette to open up the bathroom. Don’t use contrasting hues and dark colors! Light-colored cabinets will go well with similar color shades, providing a fresh look. 

To make the corners disappear, match the color of the floor tiles to that of the walls, thus creating an illusion of more space. And be sure to keep ceilings white – no need to experiment there. Less is more!

Add Colorful Accessories

You may need to tone down the colors and keep it light when it comes to tiles and floors, but who says you can’t go bold with accessory colors. Use towels and soap dispensers in bold colors, and add texture to your floor tiles with a patterned color rug. Buy them in several colors – every time you switch them, it’ll be like walking into a new bathroom. 

Use Sliding Doors

Doors that pivot on hinges take up a lot of space and don’t work for small spaces. This goes for both shower doors and the main bathroom door. 

Install a sliding glass door to save as much space as possible. For the main bathroom door, go for nonintrusive pocket doors that slide into the wall and allow you to maximize the bathroom’s footprint. This also allows for more storage space. 

Use Glass

Tubs take up space, so consider installing a standing shower with a glass door. It will make the shower an extension of the bathroom and create a general feeling of spaciousness. 

Make the Walls Look Higher

Creating the illusion of height in a small place is very easy to do. Blur lines between the wall and the ceiling. Remove hanging light fixtures and use recessed lighting or wall sconces with direct light up. 

Make the Walls Look Higher

Use Reflectivity

Think mirrors! They lighten the room by reflecting the light of the lighting fixtures, creating a feeling of more space. They’ll also make the bathroom appear bigger than its true-to-life dimensions.

Install a wall-to-wall mirror and watch the bathroom “increase in size.” In addition, gleaming white tubs, high-gloss showers, or any other reflective surface perform the same function as mirrors.

Storage Solutions

Small spaces require a well-thought-out storage solution. Install wall-mounted faucets to create more space on the counter. Use the space below the sink for storage and install open shelves to create a feeling of openness. 

Where to Find the Best Remodeling Service

Tam Bay Construction is the best choice for your next bathroom remodeling project. We do in-house repairs, room remodeling, complete home remodels, outdoor kitchen installation, and more.

Use our years of experience and expertise to create a bathroom that will look and feel spacious and reflect your personal touch.

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